Crowd Control and Positive Ion Alerts

How to effectively deal with Positive Ion Alerts?

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Specific recommendations for Crowd Control

Mob mentality will be prevalent. A few aggressors can trigger an entire crowd to riot on these days. 

Many of the Officers will also become agitated under these conditions and can lead to an overreaction on the part of the police. Keeping the members emotions under control is paramount to keeping the peace.

Recent lack of public support for the police has become common as news footage of Armored Riot Police overreacting, has led to underreaction by the Police in recent protests.

Protestors have learned how to quickly determine the rules of engagement and then exploit them.

Some Protestors desire clashes with Police to exploit their cause, a bruised or bloody face will attract the media and the protestors story is seen many times on the News, to the public, free of charge. 

Extra caution should also be taken during Positive Ion Winds in areas with these winds such as the Chinook in Calgary, Santa Ana in California (many other Positive Ion Winds around the world are listed here)


Keeping the officers if a beneficial environment

A company Strategically Aligned with United Dynamics Corp. has developed a Passive Negative Ion Generator (Patent Pending) that doesn't require a power source and produces negative ions within 12-15" of the users head. They are currently testing the device with Law Enforcement to counteract the Positive Ion Effect, keeping the officer in a negative ion field. The picture to the right shows their current Mark I device on the under brim of a Police hat providing the officer with negative ions. They can be used on helmets or vests, or in the filtered air of gas masks. These devices are being improved with higher output in the Mark II series and large scale manufacturing is being planned. These devices are not yet available.

Non-Lethal Police Products being Developed:

Concepts and Prototype devices are being designed by the inventor of the Passive Negative Ion Generator. If successful, these will be brought to the Law Enforcement market within a few years. These particular devices should enable Crowd Control to become more effective. 

Crowd Control Tasers Mats
Keep Crowds at bay with remote controlled Taser Mats

Crowd Control Tasers Barricades
Keep Crowds at bay with remote controlled Taser Barricades

Riot/SWAT Charged Phaser Shields
Disable people and animals in defensive or offensive operations. Contact Required.
Failsafe switch disables Phaser if Shield and Officer are separated.

(Phasers are Variable Voltage Tasers).

Phaser Batons
Contact Required
Failsafe switch turns off Phaser if Baton and Officer are separated.

Phaser Charged Body Armor
Charged Body Armor disables attackers on contact.

Recent discoveries and patents allow for the following concept and prototype products to be developed into standard Police Equipment.

Short Range, Non-Contact, Non Lethal Phasers (Variable Voltage Tasers)
No Contact Required, No wire electrode to fire.

Non-contact Crowd Control Phasers
Non-lethal, wide dispersion, Disabling Distance Phasers
No Contact Required, No wire electrodes to fire 

Non-contact Long Distance Sniper Phasers
Disable just your target at Sniper Distances. No Contact Required, No wire electrodes to fire.

K-9 Taser Vest (US Patent 6272781)
The K-9 handler can remotely trigger the Taser Vest placed on the outside of the K-9 Bullet Proof Vests or combined with these Vests to incapacitate the suspect if the Dog gets into danger or the suspect won't comply. Insulators near edges of Vest protect the K-9.


Check out our other Advanced Police Products currently under development.
Police Products


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