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These products are currently under Research and Development with Trinity Consulting (a company strategically aligned with United Dynamics Corp.) None of these products on this page are yet available. These concepts and prototypes are presented here to provide a perspective of future standards for Law Enforcement technology.

Passive Automatic Mobile Photo Radar, Roving Radar
Works automatically while Police Vehicle is being driven
Radar/Laser detectors cannot sense Roving Radar.
No attention from Officer is required.

Automatic Mobile A.I. License Plate OCR reading dashboard cameras
(Artificial Intelligence License Plate Text Recognition)
Automatically checks all license plates scanned through dashboard camera, even when Police Vehicle is being driven. No attention from Officer is required other than reaction to return suspect hits from computer.

Automatic Mobile Photo Tailgate Cameras
Crack down on tailgaters without drawing attention away from General Duty or Traffic Duty Officer. Automatic, no attention from Officer is required.
Works when Police Vehicle is being driven.

High Speed Mobile Interceptor Contact Immobilizer
Mobile E
ngine-Disabling upon contact between Police Interceptor and Suspect Vehicle.
Will disable older and newer model Vehicles.

   High Speed Mobile close proximity Vehicle Immobilizer
Mobile E
ngine-Disabling upon close proximity between Police car and Suspect Vehicle.
Will disable older and newer model Vehicles.  

K-9 Taser Vest (US Patent 6272781)
The K-9 handler can remotely trigger the Taser Vest placed on the outside of the K-9 Bullet Proof Vests or combined with these Vests to incapacitate the suspect if the Dog gets into danger or the suspect won't comply. Insulators near edges of Vest protect the K-9.

Crowd Control Tasers Mats
Keep Crowds at bay with remote controlled Taser Mats

Crowd Control Tasers Barricades
Keep Crowds at bay with remote controlled Taser

Riot/SWAT Charged Phaser Shields
Disable people and animals in defensive or offensive operations. Contact Required.
Failsafe switch disables Phaser if Shield and Officer are separated.

(Phasers are Variable Voltage Tasers).

Phaser Batons
Contact Required
Failsafe switch turns off Phaser if Baton and Officer are separated..

Phaser Charged Body Armor
Charged Body Armor disables attackers on contact. 

Recent discoveries and patents allow for the following concept and prototype products to be developed into standard Police Equipment.

Short Range, Non-Contact, Non Lethal Phasers (Variable Voltage Tasers)
No Contact Required, No wire electrode to fire.

Non-contact Crowd Control Phasers
Non-lethal, wide dispersion, Disabling Distance Phasers
No Contact Required, No wire electrodes to fire 

Non-contact Long Distance Sniper Phasers
Disable just your target at Sniper Distances. No Contact Required, No wire electrodes to fire.

High Speed Mobile Long Distance Vehicle Immobilizer
Long Distance, Non contact E
ngine-Disabling of Suspect Vehicles.
Will disable newer model Vehicles.  

Long Distance Counter-Suicide Device
Long Distance Negative Ion (Counter-Depression) Transmission directly on distressed individual,

Portable, Non-contact Device. Should trigger calmer, rational decisions.
May also be used in certain hostage negotiations.

When these products are ready for market, they will only be made available to permissible Law Enforcement and Defense Agencies approved by the Canadian and/or United States Government. 

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Products will only be sold to Law Enforcement and Defense agencies approved by the Canadian and/or United States Government and may be further subject to Canadian and/or United States export controls. No Product may be exported or re-exported (A) into (or to a national or resident of) Cuba, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Iran, Syria, or any other country to which the U.S. has embargoed goods, or (B) to anyone on the U.S. Treasury Department list of Specially Designated Nationals or the U.S. Commerce Department’s Table of Deny Orders.

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