K-9 Units and Positive Ion Alerts

How to effectively deal with Positive Ion Alerts?


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Expect to be busy.

Your Dog may become more aggressive during these extreme positive ion alerts as animals are affected just like people

Your Dog may attack or bite without warning on these days. If you are showing the dog with school children or others, a muzzle is highly recommended. (Bees will sting unprovoked on high positive ion days.)

What others are doing:

A company Strategically Aligned with United Dynamics Corp. has developed a Passive Negative Ion Generator (Patent Pending) that doesn't require a power source and produces negative ions within 12-15" of the users head. They are currently testing the device with Law Enforcement to counteract the Positive Ion Effect, keeping the officer (K-9) in a negative ion field. These devices are not yet available.

A Police Officer with an overly dominant Alpha type Canine, noted that a negative ion generator installed in the Vehicle had a calming effect on the Dog down during the shifts.

Active Negative Ion Generators that are made specifically for vehicles. Search the Internet for "Car Ionizers"

Do not place Personal Active (battery operated) Negative Ion Generators directly on the Dogs, as the Electromagnetic Field (milligauss) associated with the high voltage coil may trigger hyperactivity of the stress hormones with the Dog. Passive Negative Ion Generators are being developed that don't use high voltage nor does it require batteries.

Police Products being Developed:

Concepts and Prototype devices are being designed by the inventor of the Passive Negative Ion Generator. If successful, these will be brought to the Law Enforcement market within a few years. 

K-9 Taser Vest (US Patent 6272781)
The K-9 handler can remotely trigger the Taser Vest placed on the outside of the K-9 Bullet Proof Vests or combined with these Vests to incapacitate the suspect if the Dog gets into danger or the suspect won't comply. Insulators near edges of Vest protect the Dog.



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