General Duty Officers and Positive Ion Alerts

How to effectively deal with Positive Ion Alerts?

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What you can do:

General Duty Police officers can prepare for shifts that take place on Extreme positive ion conditions by:
  • Calling on auxiliary or reserve officers to accompany them on patrol.
  • Take a bagged lunch as you may be unable to stop to eat.
  • Don't be surprised by belligerent conduct of the general population.
  • Be extra cautious of unexpected aggressive or violent outbursts.
  • Try to control your own emotions (remember you might be just as affected)
  • Expect the unexpected: People tend to take risks they normally wouldn't take.
  • Stay away from candy and sweets, which can increase serotonin levels for a few hours.
  • If you have a citizens patrol, check with your community liaison police officer to have patrol active for these days.

What you might do:

The Abbotsford Police Department in British Columbia, oversees the Volunteer Citizens Patrol (Crime Watch) who are involved with traditional vehicle and foot patrols, counter attack programs in search of intoxicated drivers, special attention to problem areas, traffic control and security at major community events, continuity at minor crime scenes, stolen auto recovery... The Abbotsford Police now converts their older Police cars into Citizen Patrol cars, essentially increasing the visibility and creating a greater deterrent for criminal activity.
Rather than selling your old police cars at auction, simple conversions such as the picture below can enable a visual
public perception of increase in police presence without extra officers. 





Before: Standard Police Car After: Citizens Patrol Car

If you don't have a Citizen Patrol / Crime Watch with your force and want to find a model to format from, we have included the Abbotsford Police / Citizens Patrol model at the bottom of this page.

What others are doing:

Passive Negative Ion Generator Lapel Pins. Under Development.



A company Strategically Aligned with United Dynamics Corp. has developed a Passive Negative Ion Generator (Patent Pending) that doesn't require a power source and produces negative ions within 12-15" of the users head. They are planning lapel pins made out of the device for Law Enforcement to counteract the Positive Ion Effect, keeping the officer in a negative ion field. A few of the ideas they have come up with can be seen in the lapel pins to the left. These devices are not yet available.

Police Products being Developed:

Concepts and Prototype devices are being designed by the inventor of the Passive Negative Ion Generator. If successful, these will be brought to the Law Enforcement market within a few years. These particular devices should enable General Duty officers to become more effective in the many varied areas they cover. 

Passive Automatic Mobile Photo Radar, Roving Radar
Works automatically while Police Vehicle is being driven
Radar/Laser detectors cannot sense Roving Radar.
No attention from Officer is required.

Automatic Mobile A.I. License Plate OCR reading dashboard cameras
(Artificial Intelligence License Plate Text Recognition)
Automatically checks all license plates scanned through dashboard camera, even when Police Vehicle is being driven. No attention from Officer is required other than reaction to return suspect hits from computer.









Automatic Mobile Photo Tailgate Cameras
Crack down on tailgaters without drawing attention away from General Duty or Traffic Duty Officer.
Automatic, no attention from Officer is required. Works when Police Vehicle is being driven.

High Speed Mobile Interceptor Contact Immobilizer
Mobile Engine-Disabling upon contact between Police Interceptor and Suspect Vehicle.
Will disable older and newer model Vehicles.

Short Range, Non-Contact, Non Lethal Phasers (Variable Voltage Tasers)
No Contact Required, No wire electrode to fire.

Phaser Batons
(A Phaser is a Variable Voltage Taser)
Contact Required
Failsafe switch turns off Phaser if Baton and Officer are separated.

Check out our other Advanced Police Products currently under development.
Police Products


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Citizen Patrol Model

Looking to having your Department start a Citizens Patrols follow the Abbotsford Police example below:

The Abbotsford Citizens’ Patrol gradually grew over the years from an elementary to a highly technical and sophisticated organization, comprised of 80 members who in 1999 contributed 7500 hours of their own time to patrol 35,000 kilometers or 21,750 miles. This easily translated into a saving of time which three full time regular Police Officers would have had to provide.

The Abbotsford Citizens’ Patrol are involved in traditional vehicle and foot patrols, counter attack programs in search of intoxicated drivers, special attention to problem areas, traffic control and security at major community events, continuity at minor crime scenes, assisting the Provincial Search and Rescue Unit, stolen auto recovery and stakeouts. Vacation checks on private residences are being planned and will be implemented soon.

The Abbotsford Citizens’ Patrol will soon have their own patrol cars which will be converted from Police patrol vehicles retired from regular service. A bicycle squad comprised of four persons is also being planned and should be implemented in the summer of 2000.

Some of the more major discoveries made by the Citizens’ Patrol whilst on patrol include youth drinking and disturbances, insecure premises, impaired drivers, domestic disturbances, stolen vehicle recovery, thefts in progress, break and enters in progress, public mischief ( vandalism ), arson, runaway youths and suspicious persons.

These are reported to the Abbotsford Police who attend and investigate. There are times when the Police request further assistance by the Citizens’ Patrol to aid in their investigations such as obtaining witness statements and other minor duties.

Other organizations such as the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia and major Corporate supporters have come on board to provide essential resources to the Abbotsford Citizens’ Patrol. This support comes in the form of financial assistance, computers and software, quasi uniforms, formal training, conferences and meeting facilities.

Anyone 19 Years or older who are in good standings and free of any criminal background activity or convictions are eligible to apply for membership with the Abbotsford Citizens’ Patrol.

Inquiries may be made in person or by phone with the Police Officer in charge at the Community Police Office situated at:

33779 Essendene Avenue, Abbotsford, B.C. Canada V2S 2H1


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